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Large Carved Stone Sitting Thai Buddha Statue 5ft Large Carved Stone Shakyamuni Buddha Statue Large Stone Reclining Buddha Statue 5ft Parinirvana Stone Reclining Buddha Sculpture
3ft Tall Stone Buddha Head Statue Museum Quality Teak Wood Hanuman Statues Temple Protectors Male/Female Pair Circa 1950s 4ft Standing Camobodian Bronze Buddha Statue Pacifying the Ocean Gold Gilded Natural Verdigris 6ft Antique Burmese Mandalay Standing Buddha Statue - Gold Gilded Teak Wood ca1900
Antique Teak Wood Polychrome Chinese Emperor Statue - Circa 1920s 4ft Tall Hand Carved Stone Ornate Temple BUDDHA STATUES with Greeting Mudras 4ft Large Stone Namaskara Greeting Buddha Statue 5ft Big Stone Zen Garden Sitting Buddha Statue