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Natural Wear, The Patina Process: 

Our statues may be placed outside or indoors. However, if stone statues are placed outside a natural patina process should be expected to take place over time.  This process can occur more quickly on softer sedimentary rock, such as limestone, and much more slowly on the less porous varieties such as granite stone.

Many of our customers who've placed their sculptures in various natural settings enjoy watching their statues gradually change over time.  This process adds to the character of the statue, oftentimes providing an authentic, antique, and temple-like quality.  However, some may wish to preserve their statue's original patina. To minimize the natural patina process, statues can be placed under a roof or some other protective cover.  Also, a clear coat finish can be applied to the raw stone or finished surface to provide additional protection.  To maximize preservation efforts and dramatically slow the natural patina process, statues can be enjoyed indoors, out of the natural elements.

Statue Finishes:

Please note statues in our store are either the color of the natural stone or have a unique finish applied by the artists to enhance the aesthetic quality of the sculpture.  Because they are finished by hand the finishes can vary some.  Thus, the below categories are intended as a sample only  and may not be an exact match on each statue listed with that finish.  We do our best however, to showcase the tones and variations of the finishes in the inPidual photos of each different statue.

Natural Stone:

No finish - please refer to Types of Stone


This is a finish with a rustic quality in a brownish/black patina.

Black Antique:

This is a finish much like the regular Antique finish, possessing a rustic quality but has more of a black patina than brown.

Jet Black:

Just as the name implies, this finish is rich, and jet-black in color. This deep hue offers a dynamic look to any statue and will ensure that it is a centerpiece in any environment.

Solid Brown:

This finish is a rich, full-bodied milk chocolate brown. It differs from the Antique finishes in that it is more solid in color with little to no rustic patina. 

Brown and Black Marble:

This finish is the newest creation of the artists. It is a mix of black and brown hues in a marbled, or grained pattern that varies on each piece.


On occasion we come across a finish that does not fall under one of the above categories. In this case, that statue's finish will fall under our "other" category. Please refer to the inPidual photos of each statue for the tones and variations of finishes.