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About our Statuary

Our inventory consists of a wide array of statues varying in size, shape, material and finish. We offer many different depictions, from Goddesses, Ganeshas, and Buddhas, to angels, mermaids, and more. All of our solid stone statues are hand sculpted making each a true one-of-a-kind!

Types of Stone and Material
Natural Patina Process & Finishes
Meanings and Descriptions
Mudras (Hand Positions)
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Where Our Statuary Comes From

Our statues are hand selected with great care. Each stone sculpture is hand crafted by one of the many gifted artists that reside in the small villages throughout the numerous islands of Indonesia.

Presentation and display of statues in Indonesia is deeply rooted in Indonesian culture and statues depicting different Gods and Goddesses play a vital role in daily life and religious practices. In order to preserve the art of stone sculpting as an important artistic aspect of Indonesian culture, the craft is time honored and is proudly passed from one generation to the next. Indonesia has some of the most talented artists in the world, and the beautiful pieces they create represent the finest of what’s available in the art of hand sculpting stone.

Why Trade Wind Statues is Different

At Trade Wind Statues™ not only do we take pride in our statuary and our customer service, we believe that it is also our responsibility to do our part to give back. Through our green efforts and commitment to sustainability we strive every day to make a difference in our global environment and the world community. Read more