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***SOLD***3ft Large Foo Dog Lion Statues Buddhist Temple Imperial Palace Fu Dog Guardians
3ft Large Foo Dog Lion Statues Buddhist Temple Imperial Palace Fu Dog Guardians

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Price: $4,250.00

Product Code: 560

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===These Statues are Located in the USA and are Hand Carved from Solid Stone ≈===

Dimensions (inches): 39"x17"x20" each

Estimated Weight: 1150 lbs. pair

Likeness: Foo Dog Guardian Lions of Buddha and Earth protectors

Description: This is a male and female Foo Dog guardian lion pair. The male is in the classic pose with a playful posture and the celestial sphere (Earth) beneath his foot. The female is guarded yet playful with her cub safely under paw. Both lions are depicted with a ball in their mouths. Each ball is hand carved and freely rolls around the lion's mouth, further attesting to the master craftsmanship of the artist.

Material Type: Green river stone

Age: Late 20th century – early 21st century

Background / History: We purchased these statues in Indonesia, where they were crafted by local artists, and shipped it to their current location in Boulder County, CO.

Specific Details: These Foo Dogs are sculpted from a dense Javan river stone. The statues are the natural color of the stone, with green earth tones and both large and small crystals visible throughout. These are Indonesian masterpiece sculptures, meticulously carved by hand from single, solid pieces of rock using a chisel and mallet. These statues will make beautiful centerpieces in any location, especially in entryways or at other prominent locations in your special space. The proportions and details of these hand carved statues are unique, accurate and clean. These pieces of art are of temple quality and, when properly cared for, can last hundreds if not thousands of years.